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Fall Bride? Apples Can Be Such a Fun Motif for the Big Day, Then!

An apple day might keep the doctor away – but have you ever considered apples as more than just healthy snacks (and filling for one of the best types of pies ever)?

How about including apples in your fall or winter wedding – with the cool weather settling in, these treats can be really amazing for a variety of reasons, and they can work marvelously when included both in the menu and in the décor.

How come? What are some of the most unique ways of using apples for your wedding? We have some ideas for you – keep on reading if you’re looking for inspiration.

  • Escort cards. Well, writing with a marker on apples might not be a great idea – but you can always pin pretty, theme-coordinated escort cards into apples. This is a great idea because the apples can double as a wedding favor too, and the escort cart arrangement can be made to look really unique and impressive (e.g. you can work with a cart filled with apples to create a sense of rustic opulence).

  • Apple cider. Since the weather outside is getting cooler and cooler, you might want to consider serving a hot drink at your wedding – and hot cider is without doubt one of the best choices for the season. So flavorful and so popular!

  • Floral arrangements. Regardless of whether it’s your bridal bouquet or a table centerpiece, apples can definitely make room into it. There’s something very seasonal in the idea of including fruit in floral arrangements – and since apples are quintessentially fall and winter-like, you are bound to strike a real success if you include them in your bouquet or floral décor.

  • Candied or caramel apples. What sweet treat would be more appropriate for an apple-infused wedding, other than candied apples themselves? This is the kind of snack everyone will love – from your little cousin to your grandma. It’s playful, it’s sweet, and it’s bound to provide your guests with a truly amazing energy – enough to spend a few more songs on the dance floor, making unforgettable memories.

Looking for a genuinely talented and experienced wedding planner in South Carolina? Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and allow us to help you plan the kind of wedding your guests will love from the first second to the moment they leave for their homes.

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