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These Ceremony Etiquette Tips Are Crucial for the Big Day

Your wedding ceremony may not be as lengthy as the reception, but it is the absolute essence of your entire Big Day. After all, the party is just a celebration of the ceremony – so, as the bride and groom, you want nothing less than an absolutely perfect I Do.

What are some of the etiquette tips you might not know yet? We have some tips for you – continue reading and find out more.

  • The Cocktail Hour. Having a Cocktail Hour between the ceremony and the reception allows you to get away for a bit and shoot some photos. However, you don’t have to be away for the entire duration of the ceremony. The Cocktail Hour can last for up to 90 minutes, and you can get the photos done in half of that time if your photographer helps you with this. Thus, you can spend the rest of the time greeting the guests and socializing with them.

  • The readings. Including special readings in a wedding ceremony is a beautiful way of showing the people you love that they mean a lot to you. However, feel free to refuse to include everyone who wants to do this. The readings should feel special – so it’s perfectly fine if you turn down an offer from someone who is not that close to you or someone you just don’t necessarily want to include in such a unique moment.

  • The processional. Most brides are walked down the aisle by their fathers (or fathers and mothers, such as in the case of Jewish weddings). However, if your dad couldn’t be there, it’s OK if you want to walk down the aisle together with your mother, with another significant member of the family (your brother, an uncle, your stepfather, etc.). It’s also OK to walk down the aisle on your own, if you feel that’s the most appropriate way to go around this.

  • The stepparents. If you have a stepparent and would like to include them in the wedding, there are a few ways to do this. Giving them the opportunity to do a special reading is one of the best ideas in this case (and this gets us back to why it’s perfectly fine to turn down offers from people who want to do readings, but aren’t that close to you).

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