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We Bet You Didn’t Know Where Some of the Most Popular Wedding Traditions Come From!

Wedding traditions aren’t as strict as they used to be. With Millennials taking over the wedding world and setting their own rules, a lot of the customs we are all very used with are slowly making an exit (although it is quite likely that they will come back at some point too, given how versatile and fluid the world of traditions and customs can be).

If you choose to incorporate some of the most popular wedding traditions in your Big Day, you might also be curious to learn where they originated from – and following, we have gathered some tips to help you learn more about that. Read on and find out more.

  • The wedding veil. Most people believe the wedding veil is all about the bride’s innocence – and they are right, at least halfway through. Indeed, the wedding veil used to be worn because it symbolized the innocence of the bride. Beyond that, the wedding veil had a second, more “practical” purpose as well: to protect the bride from evil spirits.

  • Carrying the bride over the threshold. Given that this tradition originated in the medieval Europe, you’d expect it to have something to do with evil spirits too. Indeed, carrying the bride over the threshold is not a gesture of love and care, but one that is meant to protect the house from evil spirits – because back then, it was believed that evil spirits could enter a house…through the bride’s shoe soles.

  • Wedding exit toss. The traditional rice toss has changed a lot – these days, flower petals, confetti, sparklers or even soap bubbles are used to mark the exit of the newlyweds. Originally though, the rice was meant to symbolize richness and fertility.

  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – and a sixpence in your shoe. Most people ignore the last part (which is meant to bring the bride a happy and generous life with her husband), but they still choose to follow the first four elements of this custom. “Something old” symbolizes the life the bride is leaving behind, “something new” symbolizes the life she’s heading towards, “something borrowed” should bring the bride the same amount of happiness in her marriage as the person who gave her the object, and “something blue” symbolizes fertility and love.

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