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Lovely Wedding Favors Inspired by Flowers

Flowers are such a beautiful gift from Mother Nature!

In fact, people’s hearts are so close to flowers that they always bring them into their lives’ most important events – and this happens both in the US and everywhere else in the world as well.

It is no wonder, then, that people consider flowers to be one of the most important elements of their weddings.

How about stepping beyond the traditional flower décor, though? How about bringing flowers and plants into your wedding favors too? We are more than certain guests will appreciate this kind of gift, especially when it’s creative and pretty. Here are some ideas to help you choose something that will really impress everyone at your wedding:

  • Sachets of lavender. If you plan on having a summer wedding, there’s truly no better way of adding fragrance and magic to your outdoor affair. Little sachets of lavender, personalized with your names, your wedding monogram, or your wedding date – they can truly bring a smile on your guests’ faces, regardless of how they decide to use the sachets once they get back home.

  • Envelopes with seeds. This is one of the most popular plant based wedding favor ideas of all times, especially if you like puns! You could offer your favorite plant’s seeds in little personalized envelopes saying something like “plant these to help our love grow” – it’s guaranteed to make everyone smile and it will be more than appreciated!

  • Pots with succulents or cacti. It seems that the entire world is obsessed with these plants lately – so if you too love them, why not offer them as your wedding favor? Cute little personalized pots filled with a small succulent or cactus will look really attractive on your wedding tables – and they will definitely look pretty in your guests’ homes as well!

  • Flower glass boxes. This idea is perfect for a modern and minimalist wedding. Put your place cards in glass boxes with a metallic frame and a plant that coordinates with your wedding décor. Let these guide your guests to their seats and double them as your wedding favors too. They will look sublime!

Looking for a talented and experienced wedding planner in South Carolina? Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and hire us to help you plan the most perfect wedding your guests have ever been to! Contact us and your Big Day will be fantastic from A to Z!

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