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Have You Considered a Cocktail Hour before the Actual Ceremony?

You want your wedding to be perfect from the very beginning of the Big Day to its very end. More than anything though, you want the memories you create at your wedding to be magical.

Of course, you want to do everything the right way – but what if you challenge the traditional order of things by having your cocktail hour before the actual ceremony?

There are some advantages to that – and, when done the right way, it can really go very well. Here are some tips to help you decide on and plan a pre-ceremony cocktail hour:

  • The main idea with planning a pre-ceremony cocktail hour is that it can help you bring your guests into a good mood (and it can help you do the same too). If you want to take the photos now, your makeup and hair will look fresher, so it’s a great idea from that point of view too.

  • The downside of planning a cocktail hour before the actual wedding ceremony is that some of the guests might have a little too much to drink. Some of them might even leave the ceremony to get another drink, and others might bring their drinks to the ceremony. To avoid this from happening, ask your waiters to collect all the glasses before the ceremony starts – this way, guests will understand that drinking throughout the ceremony is not something you’re OK with.

  • To avoid other alcohol-related accidents from happening as well, make sure you provide your guests with something to eat too. Since it will most likely be brunch time, you can take this opportunity to serve people with delicious brunch foods (such as various types of pastry products, mini sandwiches, and so on).

  • Another important tip to keep in mind for a great pre-ceremony cocktail hour is that you should probably wear a different dress for the ceremony (because otherwise you will not have that WOW factor when you walk down the aisle as a bride). Make sure you allow yourself enough time to dress up before the ceremony!

Looking for a truly amazing wedding planner to help you pull off the kind of wedding people will always remember? Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and let’s plan out your dream wedding – with us on your side, your wedding is going to be absolutely flawless.

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