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These Items Are Much More Important for Your Wedding than You May Think

Every single detail of your wedding day matters when it comes to making yourself, your loved one, and your guests feel excellent.

However, sometimes, no matter how hard you plan and how attentive you are with all the details, accidents do happen – and it is very important to be prepared for these situations.

What are some of the surprisingly helpful items to help a bride in need? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Used dryer sheet. OK, this might sound very, very weird – but bear with us on this one. If you want to avoid having your hosiery stick to the inside of the wedding gown, a dampened used dryer sheet can help (just dab the area you want to “unstick”). Again, it sounds odd, but it can actually work!

  • Clear nail polish. This can be a real “miracle” for a pair of stockings that are starting to run. And it can also do wonders for rhinestones that are starting to fall off (just apply nail polish on top of them to glue them to the wedding dress). It’s a really cheap investment it’s easy to hide in a clutch purse.

  • Baby powder. It might sound silly to pack baby powder for your wedding day, but beyond its original purpose, this “magic” ingredient can help you in case your dress gets stained. If that happens, you should apply some baby powder to the area and dab it gently. Baby powder can be used successfully to cover wine stains after having used a stain removal wipes.

  • Lip balm. OK, we all know the main purpose of lip balm – but if you want to bring it even further, learn that you can use lip balm to unzip stubborn zippers too. The same things can be done with soap too – but given that you might not have a soap with you in your bridal bag a lip balm will be much easier to hide away and use in case of emergency!

Looking for the very best wedding planner in South Carolina? You are in the right place! Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and let’s talk about you dream wedding. With us on your side, your Big Day will be nothing less than absolutely flawless from A to Z!

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