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4 Tips for Drama-Free Wedding Planning When Your Parents Are Divorced

Coming from a family where parents are divorced is never easy – but it is out of your control as well. What you can control, as an adult at least, is how you make your parents feel, especially when it comes to special events in your life.

For instance, how do you plan your wedding in a way that will make both your mom and dad feel happy and joyful for your special event, even if they are separated?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • The seating can be a stingy issue. Traditionally, the families of the bride and groom are seated in the front row. But if your parents are divorced and if they don’t get along, it’s probably best to separate them. Seat your closest parent in the front row and the other one a bit farther back (with their spouse next to them if they have remarried).

  • Dances are not compulsory. Not even the First Dance is actually compulsory – so why have a father daughter dance if you don’t feel like this represents you? If you want to skip the parent dance, you are more than free to do it – and yes, your spouse can still have their own parent dance even if you choose to set aside this tradition.

  • DO talk to your photographer. It might seem that your photographer’s last interest is your parents’ marital status – but since he might want to shoot pictures of your parents, knowing that they are divorced will help him avoid awkward situations. Talk to your photographer and explain the exact situation, so that he knows what to expect (and how to help you capture the emotion in your parents’ eyes even if they aren’t together anymore).

  • The receiving line. If you want to include your stepparents in the receiving line, do it after your parents (e.g. your stepfather will come after your mother, your stepmother will come after your father, and so on). Keep in mind that, especially given the situation (and not only!), the entire tradition of the receiving line can be skipped altogether. You can take a few minutes to stop by each table and greet everyone instead.

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