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Don’t Forget These Tips When Planning the Rehearsal Dinner!

In most cases, planning a rehearsal dinner is not as difficult and detail-oriented as planning a wedding is.

That does not mean you should just leave the rehearsal dinner to chance – on the contrary, actually! This is one of the most important pre-wedding events and it will help your guests bond before the Big Day, so that they can feel even better throughout the actual wedding.

How to plan a rehearsal dinner everyone will love?

Here are some of the basic tips to keep in mind:

  • Invite those dearest to you. Rehearsal dinners are not meant to be as large and generous as the wedding itself – so most couples only invite the close family and the wedding party here (including the children and their parents, as well as anyone who plays a special role in the ceremony, such as the readers). Furthermore, if some of the guests are already in town, they should be invited too.

  • It can be casual. In fact, it should be more casual than the wedding. Most rehearsal dinners take place in a nice restaurant, but there is no actual rule about this. You can have your rehearsal dinner wherever you feel it’s more appropriate – including your backyard, over barbecue.

  • Serve something special. It is, after all, a dinner – so why not pamper your guests with something really special and unique? From the main dishes to the cake, everything about the rehearsal dinner can be quite creative – if you want to, you can even serve a fun groom’s cake!

  • Create the right playlist. This is not necessarily the kind of event where people dance a lot – but good music can really set the mood, so create a playlist that will put a smile on your guests’ faces. It should be consisted of positive, energizing songs that simply make people feel better!

  • Choose the perfect outfit! Our suggestion is to wear white – you need to stand out as the bride, and white is the best way to suggest that. However, there is no actual rule as to what kind of dress you should wear (or IF you should wear a dress at all, in the end). Wear something that makes you feel good from every point of view.

Want to make sure your wedding day is perfect? Hire Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and allow us to bring our experience and attention to detail into the way you plan your wedding!

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