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Lovely, Surprising Flowers You Could Include in Your Big Day

Your wedding décor is about more than just aesthetics: it is about your love story, your personality, the kind of message you want to send out at your wedding.

Naturally, you want your wedding flowers to be really special – but what if you want to go beyond the usual “suspects”, like roses, peonies, and hydrangeas?

We have some unique wedding flower ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Passion vines. These beauties are so unique that everyone will ask you about them! The vibrant color, the super-special shape, the very vibes these blooms send out – there’s truly nothing like them. They can be used as such, in clear or copper vases, or they can be combined with other plants and blooms to create a really special arrangement that will beautify your wedding in a million and one ways.

  • Clematis vines. These vines are so beautiful! They look delicate and feminine, playful and sweet at the same time. They also are in full season during spring and summer, so you can get them at more than decent prices if you plan on having your wedding in the next six months. Last, but definitely not least, their range of colors is pretty generous, with pink, white, lavender, and even burgundy clematis vines available throughout their peak months.

  • Greenery. Just greenery. Alright, we know: greenery options aren’t actual flowers. But they can be marvelous replacements! Most of the times, greenery is used just as an adjacent to wedding blooms, but what about turning things around and using just greenery for your wedding décor? We bet this will create a fresh, energizing, and really unique atmosphere for this special event in your life.

  • Kumquat. Looking for something that feels very, very unique and unforgettable? Kumquat has everything you need: a very exotic vibe, yet high availability, beautiful looks, and a truly special combination of orange berries, white flowers, and greenery. This is just perfect for those of you who have opted for a Living Coral wedding in 2019!

Have you booked your wedding planner yet? If you are still searching for someone talented, experienced, and truly dedicated, be sure to contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and we promise you will never regret your choice. We’re here to make your DREAM wedding happen in a smooth, easy, and stress-free way!

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