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Cake Cutting: When Should It Happen?

If you have just started to plan your wedding (and maybe even honeymoon) and you are confused by the million pieces of advice out there (often contradicting each other), it’s perfectly understandable. The world of weddings and wedding traditions and etiquette can be confusing even to someone who’s been to a wedding or a hundred in their lifetime.

For instance, you may be confused about the cake cutting and when it should happen. Obviously, this is a big moment and it bears a very powerful symbolism to it, and you want to get it right – but when is the right timing for cake at a wedding?

We’ve gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Tradition dictates that the wedding cake should be cut after the first dance (which is also traditionally set between the dinner and the party itself). There are multiple reasons this makes sense, actually: it comes after dinner (with a small break between the last course and the actual dessert) and it helps you avoid stopping people from dancing and having fun to serve them with cake.

  • However, the truth is that in most cases, you can actually play around with this rule. In the end, it’s important to create a wedding day timeline that works with you and the way you want things to play out – so you can move the cake cutting around to suit your needs too. For instance, if you want to start the reception on a dramatic note, with your first dance, then you can serve the cake right after dinner and before all the dancing starts to happen.

  • If there is one rule you don’t want to ignore, however, it is that you need to cut your cake as soon as possible. This might feel anti-climatic, but there’s a very good reasoning behind it: most people take the cake cutting as a signal that they can start packing up. Even if you do want all your guests to continue the party until the early hours of morning, some of them might not be able to do this – so “letting them go” early is actually a very good way of keeping them happy.

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