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The Perfect Wedding Gift for 2019

9 in every 10 couples nowadays has a wedding registry, which makes it easier to get gifts that are of great benefit to the couple. If, however, the wedding you are about to attend is in the 1 out of 10 categories and the couple has decided they want to be surprised by gifts they haven't prelisted, then we are here to help you with gifts that you can choose from and never go wrong.

Bedroom/Bathroom Gifts

One set of gifts that will always be a great addition to a couple and will never go out of fashion are bedroom/bathroom gifts. If the couple has already been living together for a while, it is a great way to upgrade and if they are starting a new home together, it is also a great way to help them towards settling in. A fresh set of towels will always be a good idea and you could always make it better by including a matching set of bath mats. Matching him and her bathrobes are also fun and the couple can even take them along on their honeymoon.

For the bedroom, you can never go wrong with a bedding set. Just make sure you go for a neutral color and cotton is the best material. A new set of cozy sheets to give the couple a good night’s rest is a great way to make them happy and thankful.

Travel Gifts

If the couple is known to enjoy traveling, or your plan is to gift them towards making their honeymoon easier, you could get any of the following gifts: A matching luggage set is one and you can spice it up with matching passport holders. If you know where the couple will be having their honeymoon, getting them gift cards from the location could also be good. Tickets to an event that the couple would both enjoy is also a great way to show that you appreciate their friendship and wish them well on their new journey together.

Kitchen Gifts

Most newlyweds use the opportunity of their wedding to upgrade their kitchen. Cookbooks are inexpensive, practical and go a long way, while coffee makers are an important necessity. If you are going for blenders and the likes, it is important to go for blenders with higher functions that the couple would not already have in their home. Cookware sets that include pressure cookers are also sure to make the couple's love for you to increase. You could always include toasters, mixers and waffle makers as add-ons. Do not also forget tea towels and aprons. If you can get these monogrammed, they would be all the more special and meaningful in expressing your good wishes.

Cash Gifts

Giving cash to the couple is a great idea as it could go towards getting them something important that they need, the honeymoon budget or even their savings. It can also help in lowering the cost of the ceremony. While there is no upward limit, it is advisable that you not spend below the amount that would cover the cost to host you at the wedding ceremony. It is also good to review the amount you send upwards the closer you are to the couple.

We hope that we have been able to help you decide on the perfect gift to get your friends on their special day and would like to add that said gifts should get to the couple as soon as possible so that they are opened while the newlywed glow is still on.

The right wedding hall is a vital part of any indoor wedding and that’s where Dazzle by Andrea comes in. She’s a wedding planner with a wealth of experience that has seen to the success of weddings in NC, GA, SC and more. Give her a call and let her handle your wedding hall needs.

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