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Did You Know These Common Misconceptions About Wedding Planners?

A wedding planner is like your fairy godmother and best friend combined in one person when it comes to your wedding planning. We at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea are amazing when it comes to every bit of your wedding planning in South Carolina. Some common misconceptions go around when it comes to wedding planners and what they do, so we’ve decided to clarify and debunk some of them in this post.

  • Wedding planners are only for the rich

No, they are not. As much as it seems that the rich weddings that you see on TV and in movies make it look like having a wedding planner is a luxury for the rich, this is quite untrue. Most wedding planners get paid in percentages (10% - 20%) and whatever extra costs you think you’d amass is usually balanced out by the discounts they get from being familiar with the vendors that they use for your event.

  • A wedding planner will run my event according to their wish

This is completely untrue. A wedding planner’s goal is to turn what you dream about when it comes to your wedding, to a reality. They take time to get to know you and by doing so, can make referrals and suggestions where your wedding is concerned. A wedding planner helps you plan your wedding in the way that you want it, not that way that they think that it should be.

  • Wedding planners only work a few hours a week

Depending on whether they employ an assistant or work in a team, wedding planners sometimes work 40 – 80 hours a week! On the wedding day itself, they could end up working for 16 hours or more straight. Do you even have that much time to spare with everything else going on in your busy life? Why not let us help you make your wedding planning process easier and more fun?

Dazzle (Events) by Andrea is located in South Carolina and has the best experience and track record when it comes to wedding planning. Contact us today so that you can relax and get to enjoy your wedding. We do all the work for you!

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