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Wedding Planning Advice from Our Experts

Wedding planning can be a very exciting time of your life. It can also be most stressful too. On a rough estimate, weddings take an average of 400 hours to plan. If you are already feeling overwhelmed at this point in this post, then you should look into hiring us to completely take on the stress of your wedding planning for you. We at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea are quite good at what we do. If you however still have plans to be involved in some parts of your wedding planning, we ask that you first decide how much work you are planning to take on and keep the following in mind.

  • Have A Heartfelt Discussion With Your Partner

Talk on how you both want the day to look like and make a long list of what you want. After this, take a look at your budget and decide what you get to keep and what has to go.

  • Handpick Your Vendors

Don't go for whoever is available or was recommended by some vague person. Make sure that you go along well with the vendor and that their presence at your wedding will be a plus for you. As wedding planners ourselves, we handpick the vendors who are most suitable to our client’s needs. We do not book anyone just because we know them or have worked with them before.

  • Don't Fall Into The Trap Of Booking Everything Too Early

Booking vendors early is advocated to avoid them being booked out when you need them. There is however such a thing as booking too far in advance. Remember that vendors can change and so can trends and stock. Try instead, to tackle each task at the appropriate time.

  • Don't Ask "Why Can't I Plan It Myself?" Ask Whether You Want To

Do not be afraid to consider a wedding planner because you think that they are a luxury or are out of your budget. Good planners like us can use experience to save you money from areas that you did not even think of previously. Wedding planning should be fun and enjoyable for you. If it is not, find the reason why and reach out to us for assistance.

We care about the success of your wedding here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea. We also offer you services to accommodate your budget and desires. Why not contact us today for a complimentary consultation and pricing?

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