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Helpful Tools for Your Wedding Planning

When it comes to the planning of your wedding, the best option is of course to hire a wedding planner. This doesn’t mean that your authority will be usurped and the planner will do whatever they want. We at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea believe in working together when it comes to your wedding and value all input from you. If you are a hands-on couple, we also understand that, so here are some tools that can also be very helpful in your wedding planning alongside your wedding planner.

  • A To-Do List

When meeting with your planner, writing out what you want your wedding to look like can help to make the process easier and faster. It also helps to ensure that you do not forget anything. If you can put down perfectly what you want, you can then together with your planner create a plan and timeline that will ensure a successful, stress-free wedding planning.

  • A Budget Calculator

It is quite easy for a wedding to become bigger and more expensive than you have planned. Wedding budget calculators are a great way to solve the problem. A budget calculator has categories where you can allocate amounts based on research to vendors. With that, you can get a good overall estimate of what your total budget is and stick to it. What’s more, our wedding planners are sure to get you some discounts based on experience, so overall, you’ll save even more.

  • A Guest List

This is one of the fundamentals of wedding planning. You cannot plan a wedding without knowing how many people you are planning for. You can make it more extensive by adding special notes next to each guest that states things like dietary requirements, which side of the family they’re on and whether they’d be coming with a plus one or kids.

  • A Seating Planner

A seating planner can also be a great tool to assist you in your wedding planning. It can help in easily arranging who sits where and with whom. Alongside input and ideas from your wedding planner, you can then get a final draft which you then print out for use on that day. The key here is that visualization makes things easier.

We’re dedicated to helping you plan the wedding of your dreams and bringing it to fulfillment here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea. We also have the experience for it so why not contact us today?

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