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You’ll Need These People Around When Planning Your Wedding

Contrary to what most soon-to-be-brides think, you cannot plan your wedding by yourself. There are so many details involved that any attempt to do it by yourself will have you snowed under and admitting defeat within 2 days max. You also don’t need the whole world with you confusing you and arguing over every decision you make. As experienced wedding planners here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea, here are the people we’ve discovered that every bride needs when it comes to her wedding planning.

  • The Friend with Bridal Magazines

You know that friend that has been planning her wedding since forever? The one who has all the cuttings from magazines and always wants to discuss wedding trends? Yeah, you’re going to need her now. You see, those magazines she’s been collecting have lots of information you’re going to need so head on over to her house with a bottle of wine and read up on them.

  • The Smart Shopper

The thing about your smart shopper friends is that they’ll know how and where to get you a good bargain for the little shopping you have to do for things like gifts and probably has a discount card for them too.

  • The Relative Who Knows Everybody

From helping with your seating arrangements to deals that will save you money, the relative who knows everybody is a vital part of your wedding planning. Everyone has one so call yours.

  • The Friend Who Has Been There Before

There’s nothing like first-hand experience so a friend who’s been through this before is sure to have valuable advice on how to navigate this new experience.

  • The Brutally Honest Friend

You need her. The one who’s not scared to tell you that the dress you’ve picked out makes you look terrible while everyone else is scared of telling you the truth.

  • Your Pet

At some point in your planning, you’re going to need someone who loves you, isn’t also under pressure and isn’t trying to say something to you about it. Your pet will come in handy for hugs and unconditional love.

  • The Friend Who Hates Weddings

Every bride gets to the point where the whole experience just becomes legit annoying. Your friend who hates wedding is sure to understand and help you laugh about everything over a drink before you have to dive back in.

  • The Love of Your Life

It’s not just your wedding, it’s also theirs and they love you and understand how tasking this is because they’re going through it too. Hold hands, look in each other eyes and listen to each other often.

  • The Wedding Planner

As a result of their objective eye and years of experience, your wedding planner is sure to know lots of things you and all your well-meaning friends won’t think of when it comes to your wedding. Please get one and work closely with them.

When it comes to wedding planning, we offer you great advice and services to match your budget here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea. Let us help you plan a successful, beautiful wedding. Call us today!

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