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Planning A Christmas Wedding

Christmas weddings can be lots of fun for a lot of reasons. If you’re doing it in your hometown, then you’re sure to have most of your childhood friends around because Christmas is when everyone tends to come home. The good tidings of the season are also in the air and most of your guests bring that spirit to the wedding which is sure to make it more fun. So, how do you plan and execute the perfect Christmas wedding? Here are some tips from us here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea.

  • Christmas Wedding Invitations

Let’s start right at the very beginning with the invitations. You want to avoid your wedding invitations looking like the other holiday cards so please do not use the regular folded card. You can show the Christmas cheer in your invitation by the use of snowflake borders, holly or a drawing of poinsettia.

  • Your Wedding Colors

Green and red will, of course, be the fallback colors for your wedding. The advantage you’ll have is that your church and reception venues will probably already have these up because of the season. You can also find ways to incorporate silver, white, light blue, gold and cream into the day.

  • Flowers and Décor

For a Christmas wedding, you can’t go wrong with holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia. Use fake snow and go with lots of candles instead of regular lighting. You can also have a Christmas tree if you want or hire a snow-making machine to have your winter wonderland at your wedding.

  • Your Wedding Fashion

Your bridesmaids can go with long dressed complemented by a big faux-fur muff. Your wedding gown doesn’t necessarily have to be different but if you really need to bring out the Christmas spirit, add a beautiful red sash to your gown. You can even go for a wedding dress in one of the colors of the season. No rule says you have to wear white anymore.

Here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea, the successful planning and execution of your wedding is our goal. We’re experienced when it comes to helping couples plan their dream wedding and would love to help you with yours. Give us a call today!

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