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Do Not Forget These When Planning Your Destination Wedding

Here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea, we’re all about the planning and execution of your dazzling, elegant and dreamy wedding. It’s been our business for years. Destination weddings are great because they can double as your dream vacation. It can also be an opportunity for you to hold your wedding in a romantic location without spending a fortune.

As much as destination weddings remove much of the regular wedding planning stresses, there are still things you have to do to ensure that your wedding is a success. Did you know that our founder Andrea Rochelle is a certified destination wedding specialist? Well, now you do. Here are some tips from us on important things you must remember when planning your destination wedding.

  • Notify Your Guests

Well in advance too! Give them plenty of time to plan and be able to save up to attend your wedding ceremony and reception.

  • Consider Your Guests

Yes, it’s your special day but please keep your guests in mind and make sure everyone can get accommodation before you set your wedding date. If the accommodations you choose are too pricey for anyone, try to find something cheaper about 10 to 15 minutes away.

  • Carry as Much as You Can

Trying to find the perfect sheets at a foreign destination with probably a different language is a stress you do not want. Stuff all you’ll need into your checked luggage.

  • Tailor Your Dress to Fit the Location

By this, we mean the weather. Hot weather, lighter fabric. Cold weather, heavier dress. You can find stunning gowns in both variations. We want you comfortable and safe.

  • Please, Do Not Check Your Dress

Carry it on board the plane with you. We’re sure you know why this one is important. It’s better to find a way to smoothen out the creases when you arrive than to be searching for a whole new dress.

  • Hire A Pro

Yes, like us! Rather than spending hours on the phone making executive decisions from miles away or trying to overcome a language barrier, let us do it all for you. We’re experts and have a proven track record doing it successfully.

When it comes to the success of your wedding, look no further than us at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea. We offer services to accommodate your budget and desires and would love to hear from you. Contact us today!

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