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Components of Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony refers to the part of your wedding where your vows are exchanged just before your wedding reception. If you’ve watched or attended a wedding before, you’ll notice that various components make up a wedding ceremony. Now that you’re planning your wedding, it is important to know what happens when so that you can properly arrange your wedding ceremony timeline. It is also important to know all the components so that you can edit, take out or add more as you personalize your wedding ceremony. Dazzle (Events) by Andrea has handled the planning of lots of successful weddings, so here is a list from us on the various components of a wedding ceremony.

  • The Wedding March

The groom and the officiant traditionally wait at the altar. The groomsmen paired with the bridesmaids walk in first, followed by the maid of honor, then the ring bearer. After the ring bearer comes the flower girl and then the bride escorted by whoever is giving her away. Facing the altar, the women are on the left, while the men are on the right.

  • The Welcome

This calls together everyone present for the event and welcomes them. It is also the time where the gathering is explained and relatives or friends who have passed away are honored at this time.

  • The Declaration of Intent

This is one of the two parts legally required by the law. It is where the couples say “I do” to declare their intention to marry each other when asked by the officiant.

  • The Giveaway

This is where the person giving the bride away is asked by the officiant to give their blessing on the union that is to take place. The officiant usually requests that they give their consent by also saying “I do”.

  • The Readings

Bible passages, poems or whatever else the couple might have planned. They usually convey a message which resonates with the couple and guides them into the marriage.

  • The Wedding Vows

This is where the couple make sincere promises to each other. It can either be read out from a paper or repeated after the officiant.

  • The Explanation of The Rings and The Ring Exchange

The title of this one gives it away. The why of the rings is explained, the ring bearer brings it forth and the rings are exchanged by the couple.

  • The Pronouncement

This is the second part legally required by the law. It is where the officiant pronounces the couple officially married.

  • The Kiss

This symbolizes the sealing of all the promises made during the ceremony.

  • The Benediction

This is the closing blessing sending off the couple into their new married life.

  • The Presentation

This is where the couple is first introduced as husband and wife.

  • The Recessional

Where the wedding party walks out of the ceremony after the couple has been announced. Traditionally in reverse order of which they entered.

Here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea, we help you with the planning of your wedding. We have the right experienced and can work with your plans and your budget. We’d be glad to hear from you. Contact us today!

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