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How to Incorporate Flowers into Your Wedding

Flowers are a great idea when it comes to your wedding as you will see if you go through the most popular entries when it comes to weddings on social media. Flowers speak romance and fairytale love and are quite popular with couples who can afford them. There are lots of wedding themes that are flower-based and weddings in the spring, summer and fall tend to go for these themes. There is also the bonus of how great flowers look in pictures! We are great when it comes to wedding planning here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and we’ve noticed that when it comes to flowers, one of the challenges that couples have is how to go out of the norm with them. The following 4 ways could help.

  • Combine

Rather than using only one type of flower, use two or more. Just make sure that the different flowers chosen will work well together to create a beautiful atmosphere at your wedding.

  • Simple Might Be Best

Depending on your theme, going simple with the flowers might be the best idea. A solitary stem in a thin clear glass vase with glass beads, for example, could make all the difference. Or if you want a large bloom, the same flower but in two different colors combined to match the wedding theme could be just right.

  • Use Unique Containers

Rather than plain regular vases, you could go for something unique. A large crystal centerpiece would be different or you could have your flowers arranged and placed in lanterns for a beautiful vintage look.

  • The Floral Table Runner

If the unique centerpieces that we mentioned above aren’t your style, how about using your flowers and greenery to create table runners? You could also make garlands to decorate your tables and chairs too. This type of décor works well with outdoor weddings.

Looking for the best wedding specialists for your wedding? Dazzle (Events) by Andrea is experienced and ready to work with you and your budget. Stop dreading all the work you have to do planning your wedding and contact us today! We’ll handle it nicely for you.

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