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5 Ways to Rekindle Your Love While Wedding Planning

The fact that wedding planning can be stressful and sometimes causes tension in your relationship is something that you already know. Here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea, we can help you relieve the stress when it comes to the wedding because we are great at wedding planning. With the high pressure that seems to accompany getting ready for your wedding, the following tips from us can help boost the romance between you as a couple while prepping for your wedding.

  • Dance the Night Away

Set out 1 night each week to have a dance date as a couple. You’ll find joy in the bonding and you can also use the opportunity to practice moves for your first dance during your wedding reception.

  • Walk Down Memory Lane

Set aside a night to stay indoors and view pictures, text messages, cards and more from when you first started dating. Reliving times like those are a good way to remember what your upcoming nuptials are all about and besides, you’ll save money by being indoors instead of going out.

  • Exercise With Each Other

Hike, bike, go to the gym or take a spinning class together. You could also do something different like go kayaking. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress as a couple and will also help keep you in shape for your upcoming wedding.

  • Take A Break

A mini-vacation where you both just get away from all the planning and spend time with each other would not be amiss. It could be the weekend just before your wedding week or another time of your choosing. You could also use the opportunity to do something that will help make your honeymoon more fun. For example, if you’ll be going to an island destination for your honeymoon, you can use your mini-vacation to learn how to scuba dive.

  • Live Your Vows

You may not have officially said I do to each other yet, but your vows to each other are still pretty important and since you intend to live by them, then you can start by practicing doing so every day.

Dazzle (Events) by Andrea is your answer to relieving wedding planning stress. We’re experienced professionals in the wedding planning niche and we’d love it if you reached out to us concerning your event. Contact us today!

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