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8 Parts of The Wedding Planning That the Groom Handles

One thing about the bride and groom's weddings is that a lot of times, all the advice and the tips are given with the bride in mind. This often leaves the groom confused as to what he should do and where to start. Now as the great groom that you are, you can’t and shouldn’t leave all the work to your bride. That’s why we at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea have created a list containing general duties that the groom carries out during the wedding planning. Keep reading to see them.

  • The Budget

You and your partner need to decide what your wedding budget is before you even start your wedding planning. Also, discuss this with your in-laws and everyone who will play an active role in your wedding financially.

  • Your Best Man and Groomsmen

You’ll need to choose a best man who is comfortable with speaking in public because he'll give a speech. He and the other groomsmen that you select should be close to you.

  • Your wedding Rings

The symbolism of a wedding ring is a circle that has no end. You’ll be the one arranging your rings. Here’s a tip: It is different from the engagement ring. Keep it at a safe place or have someone keep it for you

  • The Music and Entertainment

This is an important part of your wedding. You’ll have to sit down with your fiancé and choose some songs you’d want to hear in particular. Then meet with DJs and bands and select the one you like best.

  • Transportation

How are you and your guests getting to and from your wedding? It’s up to you to organize.

  • Your wedding Accommodation

This is a once in a lifetime experience so make it a memorable one with the right accommodation.

  • Your Honeymoon

You’ll be doing this one with your fiancé. Pick a location you both like, make plans and then pay for it. Or you can hire a honeymoon planner.

  • Your Speech

Now is not the time to pick terrible jokes. Get a close friend to have a look at your speech to ensure its perfect for the wedding day.

Wedding planning is a specialty for us here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea. There’s a reason why we have the dazzle in our name! Contact us for your wedding planning. We’re experienced and would love to work with you.

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