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9 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding This Spring

Spring is here, with all its beauty and sweet sounds tagging along. Do you know what else is here? A pesky virus that’s bent on ruining everyone’s plans to have a good time. Should you ignore Corona virus and what it’s capable of? No, you shouldn’t. Should you allow the virus to take control of your movements and how you live your life? No, that’s the exact opposite of what you should do.

Your wedding is coming up, isn’t it? If It falls anywhere between now and a few weeks, then you might have to explore some postponement options, but that in no way means your wedding isn’t happening. Keep planning away because this virus will, as all others that came before it, pass away. What you should be focused on is how great a wedding in Spring would be. Spring will still be here in a few weeks so your spring wedding is still very much a reality.

When we think spring here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea we think wedding season and we’re sure you think so too. These 3 months of blossoming beauty are a great time of the year to exchange your wedding vows. However, because it is wedding season, couples might often get confused about what to incorporate and what to avoid when it comes to their wedding. As great wedding planners here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea, here are 10 wedding spring ideas that you could choose from that are unique and still embrace the beauty of the season.

  • The Brunch Wedding

Instead of going all out with the formal sit-down dinner, how about embracing the sunshine and having a wedding that draws on the weather as décor. You could use mimosas, mini pancakes, crepes, donuts and more to round out your menu.

  • Employ Shades

Most people think spring and think using bright Easter colors as inspiration. How about doing something out of the box like using subtler and more romantic shades? We’re thinking sage, mauve and other muted tones.

  • A Sense of Humor Is Good Too

Springtime is fun time so find a way to throw that in with your décor. Personal touches to your wedding décor are a good idea and something quirky like a garden gnome centerpiece or a basket of bug spray would not be out of the question too.

  • Use Acrylics

Acrylics will highlight whatever colors and textures you’ve chosen for the day. They’ll bring attention to your venue and your floral choices giving your wedding a very modern scheme.

  • Pies as Favors

Yes, this is still a thing and yes, you should incorporate it in your wedding. Why? Guests have been known to prefer edible treats as favors and with spring you could go with flavors like lemon, cherry, and peach which are favorites.

  • Don’t Shy Away from The Eggs

You can never overdo Easter eggs when it comes to a springtime wedding so by all means, go ahead! You can use these seasonal décors as centerpieces, place setters or even favors depending on your wishes.

  • Offbeat Suits

For a beautiful spring wedding, suits that are off-color are the best for the ceremony and in pictures. Your photographer will love it! Colors like blush, navy and gunmetal blues are not bad ideas.

  • Bridesmaids Dressed in White

It’s spring! The creamy and white tones on you and your girls will make all the other colors that you choose for your wedding look even better!

  • Think Tropical

From floral cocktails to peaches, lemons, pineapples, palm leaves and vibrant shades of fuchsia yellow and orange. Incorporating some tropical elements into your wedding is a great way to create a fun, lively and more youthful atmosphere.

Looking for the best wedding planners in South Carolina? Dazzle (Events) by Andrea is just the company for you. We’re known for our stellar work and would love to hear from you. Give us a call today!

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