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3 Tips for A Really Fun Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is where you and your friends celebrate the milestone in your relationship that is your wedding. After a wedding ceremony that is beautiful if planned right, is the time to party- your wedding reception. It should be unforgettable and fun. You and your guests should remember it with nostalgia.

Sometimes, however, wedding receptions turn out to be uninteresting with both the couple and guests counting down the minutes till they can leave. So how do you avoid that? How do you make sure that your wedding is fun and is an experience that has your guests still talking about the party that they had months after? Well here are a few tips from us at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea.

  • Great Music Is Key

Good music is one of the foundations of a fun wedding reception. Your DJ or Band has to be very talented and good at making your guests have a good time. Make sure that your playlist contains a diverse genre of music with music from different decades present too. This way, everyone can dance regardless of their age or musical taste.

  • You Can Do More Than Music

In fact, we actually recommend it. Extra entertainment can go a long way towards making your wedding reception fun and memorable. A photo booth, a caricature artist, a comedian or even a children’s entertainer. The parents at your wedding will love you for it! Extra entertainment is a huge yes when it comes to wedding receptions.

  • More Than Just Dinner

The traditional wedding dinner has been overplayed a bit over the centuries. If you want a fun wedding reception, you’ll have to go further than that. You could add things like a healthy snack bar and even a late-night snack. Your guests will love the treat while they take turns having fun on the dancefloor.

To pull off a fun reception you need to plan right. We at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea have the expertise and experience needed to plan and bring your dream wedding and reception to reality. Want to know more about how you can plan one for after this pandemic is over? Give us a call today!

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