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How to Choose A Wedding Venue Virtually

While the pandemic continues to keep us at home, we’ve begun to shift to technology to stay connected. This power of technology has also made so that couples can proceed with plans for their wedding from home. As a result, wedding venues are now offering virtual tours of their site, allowing couples to walk through their event spaces, ask questions, and address concerns. All without leaving their couch. If you’re one of these couples, here’s how to choose the right location for your wedding when you can’t see it in person.

  • First Set Down Some Rules

With your wedding in mind, some things are not changeable when it comes to your wedding venue. For example, you cannot book a place with a capacity of 50 guests when your guest list has 100+ people. Your budget and location are other important ones. Get details like these and more ready before you start your wedding venue search. It will help make the process of finding your venue a lot easier.

  • Narrow Down Your Choices

Have a list of venues that meet the criteria that you set above by doing research and looking at their websites. When done, please send an email to them and find out which will be available on the date that you’ve set for your wedding. Once you have the venues that are available on your date, go ahead and schedule those virtual site tours.

  • Schedule A Day Time Tour

As much as possible, schedule your virtual tour in the day time so you can easily see how the event space looks. Even if you intend to hold your ceremony outdoors at sunset, a day time tour is best. It’s a bit difficult to see details on the phone in dark or dusty lighting.

  • Avoid Distractions During Your Tours

Have your tour in an area of your home where you can focus. Make sure whatever device you are using to connect is fully charged and that your internet connection is stable. You should also be ready to dedicate at least 45minutes to your tour.

  • Ask Questions

Don’t ask just a few, ask as many questions as you can. It would be best if you were thorough in communication since you can’t see the venue in person. You should also ask the on-site coordinator if you can record your virtual tour. Take videos or screenshots of key details that you want to focus on again after the tour. References are something else you can ask for if you are not satisfied with the tour.

  • Make Your Decision

If the venue meets your criteria and expectations, then congrats! Proceed with the drawing up of a contract/signing, and you have your wedding venue!

Here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea, we are invested in the success of your wedding in South Carolina. We’re experienced when it comes to wedding planning and would love to help with yours. Contact us today!

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