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2 Wedding Traditions and Their Modern-Day Alternatives

If you’ve attended weddings, you’ve seen one or both of these traditions displayed. The question is do you want them at your wedding reception or should you choose your own wedding traditions. We’re going historical in our post today, so to help you decide, we at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea have decided to outline both of them and the history behind them. Read on to find out.

  • Tossing the Bouquet

Many years ago, people thought it was very good luck to touch the bride. As years rolled by, it turned into a tradition for the bride to pass on her good fortune to one single lady. Whoever caught the bouquet at a wedding reception was the lucky next lady in line for marriage. Today, brides look forward to this moment when she unknowingly chooses who will follow in her footsteps.

  • The Alternative Breakaway Bouquet

Have several mini bouquets or single flowers loosely tied together and toss this bouquet to all female guests. You can then toss them towards the group. This way less people will feel left out.

  • Tossing the Garter

Tossing the bride’s garter is a very old tradition. In the past, the couple had to show proof of wedding consummation. For it to be proven, it was common for people like family and friends to come into the room with the couple. Witnesses would then obtain the garter to prove that the consummation happened. Today, we just have the traditional garter toss, which is meant to bring good luck to the man who catches it. Like with the single lady who catches the bride’s bouquet, he is said to be the next one to marry.

  • The Alternative Toss Only

Avoid the awkward moment that would come with fishing around underneath the bride's dress for the garter and just toss an extra one, no one has been wearing. Parents and grandparents will surely heave a huge sigh of relief.

When are you holding your wedding in South Carolina? We at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea can help you plan an awesome celebration. It’s our passion to bring your dream wedding to reality and to help you create memories that you and your guests will not soon forget. Contact us today!

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