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5 Essential Things That You’ll Need on Your Wedding Day

Often, couples spend so much time planning the bigger things when it comes to their wedding day that they leave out some vital smaller things. These vital things, although small, can often be the difference between an enjoyable wedding and a boring one. Who can blame them, though? A wedding can be quite tasking to plan! We’re keeping it light with our article this week here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea. So, while we worry and plan the bigger things, here are some little things that you should not also forget when it comes to your wedding.

  • A Kids Activity Bag

This is especially important if you are having a kid-friendly wedding. The bags should contain treats, toys, and activity bags. They’ll keep the kids occupied so their parents can enjoy your wedding and party with you. You can also hire a babysitter if you can afford one.

  • Flip Flops

You can solve the problem of guests not dancing because of hurting feet with this one. A simple slipper that your guests can change into would be a great relief and a motivation to throw in some moves on the dance floor.

  • Handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs can be useful for sweat and tears at your beautiful wedding. They can also double as favors for your guests to go home with. Your guests will be thankful for them.

  • Exceptional Entertainment

Regular wedding entertainment like music, drinks, and food isn’t what we’re talking about here. We mean extras, for example, a bouncing castle or a photo booth. They’ll add more fun to your event.

  • Umbrellas

You can never go wrong with umbrellas at your wedding. Whether as a cover from the rain, a shade from the sun or just a wedding prop, providing umbrellas at your wedding will help keep your guests comfortable and happy.

All of the ideas mentioned above can help keep you and your guests happy and comfortable at your wedding. If you also let us at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea help you plan your wedding in South Carolina, we’ll achieve the same. Give us a call today!

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