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4 Ways to Include Your Unique Style in Your Wedding

If you’re a new couple, you’ve probably heard people tell you countless times about personalizing your wedding. It’s a great idea, but you might just be thinking on how to go about it. Here at Dazzle (Event) by Andrea, we love to plan weddings and help couples choose what is best for them. Here are some great ways to bring your style to your wedding.

  • Don’t Let Trends Bother You

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the continually evolving trends, then avoid them. Don’t let the season’s hottest trend dictate the direction of your entire wedding design. Instead, take a look inside your closets – what colors and fabrics do you both love? Are there elements of your home’s design that you want to elevate for your wedding day? That’s an excellent place to start.

  • Highlight You

Everyone is there to celebrate a new union. Let your personalities shine through. Take time to discuss with your partner on how to combine your unique tastes into one cohesive wedding aesthetic. Think about how you like to host guests in your home and what you’d serve or how you’d decorate the room. Create a design plan that is a distinct reflection of you. You’ll be able to appreciate your wedding, on the day and after thoroughly.

  • Look for Inspiration

Make a Pinterest board with a collection of ideas that speak to you and your partner. Your vendors can then use this to understand your style truly. Do your best to use a distinguishing eye when adding to your final vision board. Pay close attention to the aesthetics you and your partner are naturally drawn to as you continue the design process.

  • Make Adjustments

Don’t be afraid to let go of any wedding traditions that don’t match your style or needs. Your wedding day should not only look but should feel like the real you. You could opt for a casual wedding brunch reception rather than a big seated dinner reception. You could also decide to have a small ceremony with close friends and family. Make adjustments rather than follow a rule book.

Are you looking for the best wedding specialists for your wedding? Dazzle (Events) by Andrea is experienced and ready to work with you and your budget. Stop dreading all the work you have to do planning your wedding and contact us today!

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