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What Vendors Do You Need For Your Wedding

One of the most important aspects of wedding planning is building what we’d like to call your vendor team. This is a group of vendors that will cater to you and your wedding. Here at New Dazzle (Events) by Andrea we love to help our couples plan their dream weddings. Do you have an idea of what vendors you require and those you won’t yet? Check your list with ours to confirm that you haven’t left any important ones out.

  • A Planner

That’s us! You’ll need us to be able to weather the storm that wedding planning can be.

  • Venue

Your wedding location will set the tone for your big day. You can’t have a wedding without a place to hold it. This includes your ceremony and reception venues.

  • Hair and Makeup Pros

So that you and your partner can look your best on the day and in all your pictures and videos.

  • Attire

Your wedding dress, tuxedo, and the wedding party’s fashion. Most couples get lots of new fashion pieces for their wedding and even if you’re renting, you still need one.

  • Photographer/Videographer

After your wedding is over, you’ll want to relive the day in the future. Photos and videos will come in handy with remembering. Videographers and photographers make this happen.

  • Music Professionals

Whether you’ll eventually choose to go with a band or a DJ is entirely your call. One thing is sure, you’ll need entertainment for your wedding.

  • Florist

The florist will handle your bouquets, centerpieces and the other floral arrangements you’ll have at your wedding.

  • Caterer/Cake Baker

One top reason that people attend weddings is for the food. You’ll need a caterer to handle your wedding menu. Some catering companies can also handle your wedding cake but if not, you’ll need a cake baker for your wedding cake.

  • Officiant

Without the officiant, you and your partner can’t get married! This one pretty much explains itself.

  • A Favors Vendor

You’ll want to appreciate your guests for coming to your wedding. If you aren’t going DIY, a favors vendor will come in handy.

  • A Rental Company

For the chairs, tables, dinnerware, décor or more depending on your venue.

  • The Transportation Company

So that you, your partner and the wedding party can arrive and leave in style.

Please note that you can add or remove things from this list depending on the kind of wedding that you are having.

We’re dedicated to helping you plan the wedding of your dreams and bringing it to fulfillment here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea. We also have the experience for it so why not contact us today?

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