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4 Tips for Throwing A Bridal Shower on A Tight Budget

Bridal showers are a very sweet tradition meant to pamper the bride before her wedding day, as well as help some of her closest friends and relatives get to know each other. Traditionally, this event is planned by the Maid of Honor, by the mother of the bride, or anyone in her close entourage.

The economy has however experienced a downturn due to the pandemic and people are down financially. Unfortunately, though, weddings (and pre-wedding events) can be quite expensive for the bridesmaids and the VIP guests – so it’s perfectly understandable if you might want to reduce the cost of the bridal shower. The key is to do this without compromising on anything that will make the bride happy. So, how do you do it? How do you plan a budget-oriented bridal shower? Here are some tips from us at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea.

  • Have A Signature Cocktail

Too much alcohol can not only ruin a party like this, but it can also add a lot to the final bill – so why not include a signature cocktail? The ladies will really love this – and it’s something you can pull off elegantly, with just a little bit of practice based on online tutorials, with ingredients you can find in any supermarket.

  • Make the Centerpieces Yourself

Pinterest can help you create the prettiest centerpieces with bulk flowers and greenery and simple décor elements (many of which can also be found in supermarkets and dollar stores). This is going to be so much fun!

  • Let Everyone Bring Something Baked

What could be better than a variety of pies, cupcakes, and cookies, all homemade with a lot of love? Testing each other’s specialty recipes will be such a fun activity – and it will make the entire bridal party feel warmer and more welcoming.

  • DIY Your Entertainment

Most bridal showers don’t include fancy entertainment – but they do include fun, cute games. The great news about this is that you can find printable games online and download them for free – and yes, the bridal shower guests will definitely find them adorable!

If you’re looking for the best wedding planners to handle your wedding in South Carolina, then here we are. Dazzle (Events) by Andrea is an experienced and vision driven wedding planning company and we would love to work with you. Contact us today!

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