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3 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner

After going through the stress of throwing a party to celebrate your engagement, what comes next is choosing a pro wedding planner for your wedding. It is a special day to celebrate you and your partner's love, making it a personal event, and you can’t hope to make it as fun as possible without a wedding planner assisting you!

This planner will handle your event, tend to your vendors, and cater to other tasks. It is pertinent to fill the position with the right person before you even start considering a makeup artist, DJ, or a caterer.

Don’t start planning your wedding with the wrong wedding planner, so brush through this list of questions to ask to identify a pro.

  • The Number Of Weddings He Has Planned?

It is one of the first questions to ask a wedding planner to find out how long the wedding planner has been in business. This will go a long way in knowing if he has the vast experience you require to handle your wedding. Also, it will help you know if he/she has a certification or degree to back up claims about being the best.

  • Fee

The next question is to inquire about the rate at which he charges. Do this before signing any contract. Discuss that at the beginning of your meeting so you don’t waste your time and energy.

  • Budget

Next on the list of questions to ask is whether or not your potential wedding planner can work with your budget. This question is important as it opens room for important discussions on potential services they can provide you that are within your budget.

Dazzle (Events) by Andrea is here to help you with planning your South Carolina wedding. With us working with you on this most important day, you’re guaranteed a flawless wedding ceremony. That’s a promise! Contact us now!

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