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2022 Wedding Trends That You Can Do

It is nearly impossible to try and stay young in a world with ever-changing technology, people’s values, standards, and prevailing social norms. People’s views of what is deemed “appropriate” change rapidly throughout the years, and 2022 will be no different.

The wedding industry follows these trends closely to stay up-to-date with what people are looking for in an event.

Here are some hot wedding trends (that should stick around for at least a few years) to plan your very own perfect wedding!

Themed Couples Shower

This is the newest trend on the list. Instead of traditional bridal showers, couples opt to host themed showers that revolve around a specific theme related to the couple. One example is the bridal shower surrounding the couple’s favorite movie, such as “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Guests can wear costumes and bring memorabilia related to their favorite characters to make this idea even better.

Another option is a brunch-themed couples shower in which the bride-to-be and her partner are treated to a delicious meal, mimosas, and games.

How amazing is it that instead of throwing your bridal shower, you can throw a joint couple’s shower with your best friend! The couples get to celebrate their future together!

Staged Proposal Photo Shoot

Proposal photo shoots are all the rage for this popular wedding trend. Couples plan an elaborate proposal shoot to document their story and re-live one of the most memorable moments in their lives together. Couples can hire photographers to capture the event from start to finish to make it even more memorable.

Including Family History In Wedding Details

The next hot wedding trend entails incorporating a few family history elements into the ceremony and reception décor.

Couples can include a favorite photo of their grandparents as a display décor or have a special drink named after one of their relatives that has passed away.

How amazing would it be to add sentiment to your wedding day with a family heirloom piece or a drink named after a cherished relative? This is truly a way to keep traditions alive and honor the people that have helped shape you into the people you are today.

Handmade Invitations And Stationery

The final trend is making all of the invitations and stationery by hand. With the cost of printing invitations increasing per year, couples find that making their invites with original designs is more affordable. Plus, it will be a nice activity for the bride and groom to do together.

But we’ll point out this is only feasible if you’re having a small wedding or you intend to have only a few guests at your wedding.

It’s surprising how many of these wedding trends are original ideas that couples can consider when planning their special day. So, which one catches your fancy the most?

Dazzle Events by Andrea would love to help you plan your 2022 wedding, whether by following what’s in trend or by exploring any ideas you may have!

We’re a professional wedding and event planner in South Carolina who offers a full range of services. Even if you want to plan a destination wedding, we’ll be right there to help you plan it and ensure you have a fantastic honeymoon. Click here to reach us today!


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