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4 Ideas for Planning The Perfect Honeymoon

A wedding is a beautiful affair. So it’s only fitting you take a moment to enjoy the start of your new family after the celebration is over! We know thinking about your honeymoon ideas is always exciting, but be mindful of some factors first. A honeymoon doesn’t come free, of course. So we advise you to plan and spend wisely. Substandard hotels, missed flights, and harsh weather can ruin the experience and, in turn, ruin the vacation! So, you need to know some essential things for planning the perfect honeymoon. Here are four ideas to help you plan your honeymoon!

Start Early Experts advise that planning a honeymoon six to nine months before the day you depart is best. But, of course, this can change. But if you’re looking to save money, choosing a time of year outside a location’s peak travel

periods is a good option. Also, ensure to check the weather forecast, so you don’t miss out on the best things the location has to offer. Select A Location Together Choosing a location together will make sure you’re going for what you both enjoy. For example, if you both want a luxurious treat, you might consider choosing an all-inclusive resort. On the other hand, go for a remote location if you prefer adventures and trying out what new cultures offer. Draft an Itinerary After the stress of planning a wedding, make the most of your honeymoon by incorporating activities that involve adventures and relaxation. Also, include activities that you can both partake in; that way, you get to bind better as a couple and new family. Schedule Surprises Leaving room for surprises for your new spouse is one way to have the perfect honeymoon! It can be a romantic dinner or a spa treatment. Please take a tour around your hotel to see if they offer something unique and take full advantage of it for your vacation. For example, maybe the hotel offers shows or has an onsite casino! Dazzle Events by Andrea is happy for your new family, and we want to make sure your first trip as a couple will be a memorable one! We not only plan the perfect honeymoons, but we also plan destination weddings and design and decorate the wedding. In addition, we link you with professional wedding vendors who’ll make sure your wedding is an utter success! Securing our services ensures you have a truly exciting and wondrous wedding celebration and fun vacation! Contact us today!


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