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4 Wedding Color Palettes to Consider

Your wedding color is more important than you might expect. And to arrive at a palette that suits your wedding, you’ll need to determine what you love as a couple. Then, think about what brings you joy and pick up from there. It could be artwork, heirlooms, natural places, books, travel destinations, textiles, etc.

Your preferred shade or color will be spread across every aspect of your wedding: the decorations, invites, send-offs, etc. So, begin your search for suitable color palettes for your wedding with these four options discussed below!

  • Gold and Coral

The combination of gold and coral works for any wedding, be it a small and intimate or a large and grand wedding. It even works with almost any season.

The brightness of the hues makes for unique wedding decorations in the spring or summer; it’s perfect for a beach wedding too. Gold and coral are excellent options for a couple who want to make a statement with their color palette.

  • Mint and Yellow

The combination of mint and yellow gives a happy vibe. A combination with a mint-colored gown would be perfect for your wedding! It will enhance the other colors at your wedding even more.

  • Eggshell And Ivory

The white color should not be left for the bride alone. White often leaves people in the right mood for a party.

Let the party vibe be carried along throughout your day by using white tones as a part of your wedding decoration. For example, you may choose all-white florals, eggshell paper goods, or ivory linens.

  • Black And Neutrals

This is classic! They go so well with a black-tie affair. The combination of black and neutral colors is a great option that you can incorporate into every detail of your wedding, both big and small. For example, your wedding favors could be wrapped in foils of a neutral color with a wax seal.

Your wedding decorations and your design are aspects that professionals can handle if you find you are having a hard time deciding. That’s why Dazzle Events by Andrea is the right choice for you!

We offer fantastic wedding decoration and design options. We also help couples plan unique destination weddings and enjoy the most special day of their life! We want to do the same for you too. Contact us today!


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