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5 Decor Ideas For Your Wedding Aisle

Your wedding is finally here, and we’ll tell you right now that all eyes will be on you. That’s a good thing, of course! It’s your day, after all. You’ll be looking gorgeous in your lovely wedding gown and walk down the aisle as friends and loved ones admire and gush about how beautiful you look! That’s just one reason why your wedding aisle should look amazing. It should reflect your beauty and add to the beauty of the venue too. But how do you go about doing this? What items are suitable for decorating your wedding aisle? What are the factors you need to consider? The decor ideas below should answer all this!

Pastel Flower Arrangement Large clusters of romantic blooms such as lilacs, peonies, roses, etc., are always great for aisle decoration. In addition, a pastel floral arrangement works perfectly for the spring and summer seasons, adding more color and life to your wedding. Chandeliers

You can use chandeliers to mark your wedding aisle, especially if you want something a little more unique. The type of chandelier matters too, of course, but there’s a type for any budget. Greenery Garland Decorating your wedding aisle with garlands is bold, yet you can achieve this look by doing very little. The garlands do all the work for you! Drapes Of White Fabric This is one of the simple yet beautiful ways to decorate your aisle. It can go with or without plants, lanterns, or any other item commonly utilized for aisle decor. A French Door Have a French door at the start of your aisle. Let your guests walk through it as they head to their seats. The door gives this feel and look of a wonderland. And it adds a touch of intimacy to your wedding venue too. Decorating your wedding, not just the aisle, requires capable hands. Dazzle Events by Andrea is ready to introduce you to wedding professionals who can help you with just that! These talented wedding vendors will make sure your individual touch and style are imprinted on the decor and every other part of your wedding. We also plan extraordinary and dazzling destination weddings. We hope to meet you soon so we can all work towards your fantastic wedding! Contact us today!


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