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A Template for An Elopement Wedding Script

Elopement weddings have become more popular, and it’s a trend you might want to try! When deciding whether you want to elope or not for your wedding, you may need answers to specific questions. Questions like the type of ceremony it will be and whether you’ll plan the script or wing it.

Elopement wedding scripts can vary according to the couple. While some couples may prefer short and simple vows, others may want many vows and poems.

If you’re looking to use a ceremony script for your elopement, here is a template that might help!

  • An Introduction

Your introduction isn’t like a speech or an address you would typically give at any event. Instead, it prepares you for the vows. You won’t be addressing any wedding guests (just your partner).

For this, say something short like “I can’t wait to marry you” or “are we ready?” Then, hug each other, hold hands, or smile at each other too.

  • Your Vows

There’s no limit to the intimacy or personalization you can add to your wedding vows, even if it’s just the two of you.

While it is possible to use the traditional vow script of “... for better or worse...,” you may decide to write personalized vows.

If you don’t know how to go about customized vows, think about those things that make you happy about your partner, your plans, etc.

  • Proclamation and Declaration

Declaring your intentions to commit to each other is an integral part of your elopement wedding. It takes you to the next step of life as a new family. It does not matter if it is legally binding or not; you need to declare that you are partners. A simple “I do” or “let’s do this” might be all you need.

  • Ring Exchange

This is proof that indicates you’re married. Exchange rings, leap for joy, kiss, etc.!

  • Presenting

This is the moment of “presenting” yourselves as a married couple. You may decide to do it however you want - share a kiss, dance to your favorite song, take pictures, etc.

Whether you’re looking to use an elopement or a destination wedding, planning is an inevitable part of it. Dazzle Events by Andrea can help your wedding dreams come true!

We plan beautiful destination weddings, as well as decorate and design your wedding décor and more. Contact us today!


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