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Choosing The Right Linens for Your Wedding Reception

Linens are essential rental items that can add personality and/or color to your wedding venue. Linens, when appropriately used, can create cohesiveness, tying together all other décor details. They can do all this and add so much more to your wedding design.

Linens come in varieties, so choosing the right one for your wedding can be challenging. A professional wedding decorator’s input is helpful in this instance.

We believe linens should be a part of your wedding décor because they give room for creativity. You can mix and match textures and colors to achieve a unique and lovely, customized look!

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right linens for your wedding.

  • The Big Picture

Linens can help create the right atmosphere for your wedding by transforming your venue. What do you want your guests to feel when they see your wedding venue?

The answer will help you know what linens to choose and what colors to use. Starting with a color scheme is the best way, and we recommend you start with the color you want to appear throughout the room.

  • Check With Other Design Elements

Let other elements at your wedding determine your choice of linens. For instance, if your stationery is made of paper or your dress is lace, look for linen with a similar material or feel.

  • Mix Different Patterns

Mixing different patterns is a fashionable idea that can enhance your wedding design. You have bold, small scale, and neutral patterns to play with. Start with the bold (dominant) pattern for definition, then move to the smaller scale (subdominant) with a different shade of the same color, and then a neutral pattern. You can also mix different textures.

Your wedding décor and design define your style and vision, so you must pay attention to décor details like your linens. Dazzle Events by Andrea would love to help you realize this vision!

We tailor wedding designs and decorations to each couple’s specific ideas, and we can’t wait to do the same for you too! We also help in planning unique and extraordinary destination weddings. Click here to contact us today!


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