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Choosing Your All-White Wedding Flowers

White is a color that has been associated with weddings for centuries. It is the reason why most couples choose a white palette in their color schemes. So you’ll see white in the décor, the dress code, and other aspects of the wedding.

The options for white flowers are almost limitless. If you choose this option, the many varieties of white tulips, roses, lily, Muscari, and hyacinth, will ensure your wedding’s monochromatic design stands out. Some great tips that will help you choose white wedding flowers are listed below!

  • Go For Texture

Try engaging different types of all-white floral arrangements. Having an all-white flower idea means the absence of other colors. However, it doesn’t mean the absence of beauty; you can still have a wedding that looks amazing. You just need to make sure you get the décor right.

It might seem challenging, but a multidimensional all-white floral arrangement can prevent a flat look and feel for your wedding.

You can pull this off by either using foliage or dried grasses or weaving together different flower types. This way, you would have created a monotone design and successfully steered clear of having a flat look.

  • Remember Your Floral Designer Is The Expert

When going with a unique floral design, such as an all-white option, always remember that your floral designer is the expert. The floral designer knows the best floral decisions to make for your wedding.

For instance, you may want peonies at your wedding, while the expert may suggest lisianthus. Again, trust the recommendation of the floral expert. In such a situation, perhaps the reason they’re offering the lisianthus as an option is that it isn’t the season for peonies yet. The floral designer will help bring any floral design or decoration ideas you have to fruition.

Wedding decoration can be an overwhelming aspect of the wedding planning process. But that’s why Dazzle Events by Andrea is here! We’re going to lend our expertise and ease the process for you!

We offer an excellent way for you to meet floral experts and other professionals who’ll help you realize your dream wedding.

And we not only provide unique wedding decorations, but we also offer outstanding wedding designs and help you plan an extraordinary destination wedding. Click here to contact us


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