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Essential Questions to Answer Before Choosing a Spot For Your Lounge

Your wedding reception will have your guests lounging and mingling around, which is why a lounge can be a nice addition to your space. That’s where your guests can relax while taking a break from the celebration.

A wedding lounge is a great way to customize your wedding. Using thematic details and décor can help with your wedding day’s aesthetic.

In addition to being inviting, gorgeous, and an alternative option for the guests who aren’t too keen on dancing, a wedding lounge offers other benefits. The questions below will help you decide on a lounge for your wedding reception.

  • Is There Any Available Furniture?

See if your venue has suitable furniture that can fit into your idea of a lounge. You may only need to rent other pieces of furniture to supplement the ones available and give a complete look if the venue has them.

You may be able to create more than one lounge area. You may choose to have one close to the dance floor and another in a more quiet space for guests who don’t want to dance.

  • Will You Use More Than One Lounge Area?

If your cocktail stand is a bit far from your dance floor, your guests will probably want to use the lounge seating nearby.

You can add one in between the dance floor and the cocktail stand. Far enough away where guests can talk and enjoy watching the action on the dance floor. Plus, it’s a chance for you to play around with different lounge arrangements!

  • How Would Your Guests Use The Lounge Areas?

The lounge areas can be used for conversing, taking photos and relaxing your feet in between dances. Whether you choose one lounge area or multiple areas is up to you. Be creative and use your imagination to tie it in with the theme of your wedding.

Your wedding decor and design can be perfect with the right decorator. Dazzle Events by Andrea understands the importance of the ideal decor to a wedding, which is why we provide the best services in seeing that couples get the perfect wedding.

We also plan fantastic destination weddings that relay love stories in beautiful ways. Contact us today!


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