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How to Use 2022’s Pantone Color of the Year in Your Wedding

Pantone’s color of the year for 2022 is Living Coral, a shade that conjures feelings of warmth and comfort.

Color trends come and go pretty quickly, but coral has been around for quite some time. We’ve seen it work its way into lots of wedding themes, so why not let it guide your big day?

Here are five ways to use Pantone’s Living Coral to make your wedding stand out from the rest:

· Use Living Coral in Bride and Groom Prep Areas

Flowers wilt, so don’t stress about arranging them the moment you see them at your ceremony site.

Use vases that complement the Pantone Living Coral color scheme by placing stems in towels or robes that have been dyed in this gorgeous hue before they arrive on location. This way, the bride and groom can receive flowers without fear of them wilting too soon!

· Incorporate it into Your Décor Pieces

A touch of Pantone Living Coral goes a long way, so use it sparingly throughout your decor pieces for an elevated look. But remember to stay within the same color family - meaning, use orangey reds with your coral for a cohesive look.

· It’s Perfect for DIY Pieces

Couples are already on the go during their big day - beautiful DIY pieces requiring minimal assembly mean less time behind tables and even more time to enjoy cocktail hour!

Give each of your wedding guests a Living Coral coozie and fill it up with tasty beverages for an easy favor that has them feeling like they’re part of the celebration.

· Ice Cubes Add Class

Forget about using water in glasses; use frozen Living Coral ice cubes! They add a touch of sophistication to any drink while keeping it cold enough not to be watered down by melting ice (a wedding day no-no).

Garnish with star fruit or cucumber slices, and you’ve got yourself a truly unique way to serve pre-mixed punch or champagne!

· It Makes Wedding Favors Even Better

Wedding favors are a great way to say thank you to those who traveled from near and far - especially if your wedding is a small one, where every guest counts.

Incorporate Living Coral into goodies for your dear loved ones. For example, offer them tinted lip balms. They work well because guests can easily slip them in their pockets as a safe alternative to lipstick (a must when traveling).

If you’re short on ideas, check out Pinterest boards all around the web for inspiration on how other real couples incorporated Pantone Living Coral into their big day. Better yet, why not hire Dazzle Events by Andrea to help you?

We’re a professional wedding planner, destination wedding specialist, and professional bridal consultant!

We would love to design your wedding, help manage your vendor team and ensure your wedding is one of the best days of your life! Just click here to contact us!


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