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Saving Money On Your Wedding Flowers

Weddings can be expensive affairs. Flowers are often an inevitable part of wedding decorations but are also quite pricey. reports that, on average, couples spend $2,896 on decorations and flowers.

While the first rule of creating a wedding budget is allocating 15-20% to flowers and decoration, there are simple ways you can save money while still having beautiful flowers!

  • Flexibility

Being flexible is one way to cut costs on your wedding flowers. Communicate your ideas to your florist and be open to suggestions. Let them turn your decorating ideas into a more affordable option.

Your florists should also know the numbers, style, and colors of flowers you would like to use. Again, having variety is better here because it gives you several options to choose from; some will be more expensive than others.

  • Buy In Bulk

When sourcing flowers, florists go to other vendors who sell flowers in specific numbers. For example, just because you might prefer a single white rose in a centerpiece doesn’t stop the florist from ordering the rose in bunches (because the floral vendor only sells in bunches).

So, if you do end up only using a few flowers, the rest in the bunch will go to waste. But you’ll still have to pay for them because you made the request. So, you might want to consider a bulk order when buying your wedding flowers.

  • No Last-Minute Changes

When planning your wedding, be sure to stick to your budget. Flowers often get costlier with last-minute changes-perhaps made by the bride or bridal party.

This might force your florists to hire extra help, which, in turn, can affect your budget. Be sure that the changes are kept to a minimum if you make any changes at all.

Suppose you’re wondering how to get the right vendor for your wedding flowers and decorations. In that case, Dazzle by Andrea is the right vendor for you!

We offer wedding decoration services as well as wedding design. We also help you plan and enjoy fantastic destination weddings. Our services are second-to-none, and they’ll make your wedding celebration something to remember. Contact us today!


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