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What You Need to Know Before Planning a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding gives you the chance to try out new things and experience a small intimate wedding with your friends and family. Some couples have admitted that destination weddings aren’t often as great as they sound, but we beg to differ.

Granted, destination weddings aren’t for every couple, but we advise you considering going on one. Here are some things to consider before having a destination wedding.

Don’t Expect Every Guest to Be Present

While everyone may be thrilled about attending your wedding, which will be held outside of their state or country, you might want to prepare yourself for a small guest list. Your guests will probably have scheduling limitations and money concerns that may prevent them from attending.

Get the Legal Requirements

Requirements for marriage in your chosen area may change. So, first, find out what legal requirements there are in the area where you would like to get married.

Another option is you can try to hold your legal marriage in your country but have a symbolic ceremony at the venue.

Hire a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner will be a valuable asset in planning your destination wedding. While some venues have event coordinators to help you on-site, having a wedding planner can help you with language concerns, legal ceremony requirements and having the best local vendors for your day.

Dazzle Events by Andrea is always ready to help you plan the perfect destination wedding. We plan fantastic destination weddings and provide incredible decorations and designs for all types of weddings. Contact us today!


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